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Couples counseling in Winter Park and the Central Florida area.


Couples & Individual Counseling

Couples counseling is a place for couples to address concerns in a confidential environment with a trained third party who will be a counselor to the relationship. 

Individual counseling is a place for individuals to address concerns in a confidential environment with a professional trained to discuss emotional, psychological and social concerns. In individual counseling clients will learn skills to address concerns and find solutions. 

Presenting Concerns



Pre-marital counseling 

Emotional distance

Conflict Managment  


Lack of intimacy 

Interracial / Interfaith couples 

LGBTQ couples 

Coping with external stressors 

And more....


Relationship issues



Diversity and multicultural concerns

Life transitions / Adjustment 


Stress Management 

Academic Issues

Issues in the Workplace

And more....

Melissa's Approach

Melissa's approach to individual and couples counseling is to build a collaborative and therapeutic relationship with her clients. In couples counseling, Melissa's focus is on the relationship between the couple and how each partner contributes to that relationship. Melissa utilizes evidenced-based therapies such as Emotion Focused Therapy that has years of research supporting it's effectiveness in helping individuals and couples improve their relationships. Multiculturalism is brought into therapy by the awareness, sensitively and openness Melissa holds for diverse individuals and couples, and their concerns. Melissa combines the science of individual and couples therapy research, with the art of warmth and genuineness in the therapy room.